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Over the years Steinjo has collaborated with a wide variety of artists and composers as well as singer-songwriters. Additionally he has published multiple compositions covering a variety of music genres. He has composed music for numerous feature films, TV-series, short films, commercials, TV-opening sequences as well as documentaries. Steinjo is also notorious for his contribution to the musical TV-programs “Slå på ring” and “Påpp & Råkk” on Norwegian TV.

Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen, born 9 December 1975, laid the foundations of his career at the Barratt Due Institute of Music and by studying music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (also known as the Paul McCartney School). For several years, he also attended private composition lessons with the Norwegian composer Maj Sønstevold.

Steinjo got his first film music assignment with the film “De 7 Dødssyndene” in 1999, to which he composed the music for “Hovmod”, one of seven short films that were weaved together into the feature-length movie. In 2002, for the first time, he composed the music for a full-length feature film. “Lille frk Norge”, directed by Hilde Heier.

Latterly he has, along with his colleague Eyvind A. Skeie, composed music to several TV series, films and stage shows through their company Topscore Music AS. Among these, the TV series “The Oslo Killing” (TVNorway 2019), “Grenseland” (TV2/Netflix 2017), “Unge Lovende” seasons 1-4, (NRK 2015-2018), “Match” (NRK 2018), “Maniac” (TV2 2015), “NAV” (TVNorge 2012), the films “Snekker Andersen og bygda som glemte at det var jul” (2019), “Natt til 17” (2014/Nominated the Amanda Award for Best Music in 2015), “Mormor og de åtte ungene” (2013/ Nominated Kanonprisen in 2014) “Tina & Bettina – En Smestad musical” (2012), Kong Curling (2011/ Nominated Kanonprisen for Best Music in 2012), and “Kurt blir grusom” (2008). They also had the musical responsibility and composed the music for the stage show “Team Eckbo” at Chateau Neuf in 2006, and for the theatre play “Enron” at Det norske teateret (Norwegian Theatre) in 2011.

In 2015 Steinjo and Eyvind won the Gullruten Award in the category Best Original Music for the piece they composed for the documentary film “Ida’s Diary”.

Additionally, Steinjo is also a director. His musical pieces and performances are often closely knit with his sense of humor, and have led to success and awards across television, features and commercials. Among his most popular achievements are acclaimed NRK series “Slå på ring” and “Påpp & Råkk”; both his own ideas, that he directed, acted and composed himself. “Slå på Ring” lasted three seasons on NRK, and was twice nominated for the international television award Golden Rose of Montreux (Rose d `Or), in 2002 and 2004. It was also chosen to be represented at the Input festival 2006 in Taiwan, and was nominated the Gullruten Award in 2003 in the category Best Comedy Program in Norway.

In 2010, Steinjo made a comeback with the TV drama series “Påpp & Råkk” on NRK. The series received great reviews and can boast having many of Norway’s top actors on the cast list.

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